Saturday, 13 September 2008

La Scie Spring-Session 2008 Video clip

This last spring it was time again to react fast, the Doubs was high and we decided to leave for La Scie and La Malate immediately for the weekend.
Unfortunately I´didn´t have my own boat ready to leave at my place and therefore I was really glad that I could borrow the boat of Ingrid. That´s why I cut this short clip to say thanks again!
Although it was a kind of quick and dirty job check out the clip of the first day of the weekend at the La Scie-Wave. It was the warming up for La Malate the following day (I´ll try to cut that footage in the coming week). As it was the second time I was there that we got too much water for La Malate on the first day, therefore having a blast on first and getting the right level for La Malate on the second day, which is equivalent to time for collecting airmiles. On that weekend Stephane Pion also organized that the French TV was there covering the story about the "fight" to save the La Malate-Wave ( and filming the board surfers and kayakers having the time of their lifes. So check out the clip:

happy boating,

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