Saturday, 8 November 2008

Ammer river in danger - You can help!

I just saw on the website of the Kanumagazin an article of Judith Prechtl, where she writes about eleven planned small power stations on the Ammer river, one of the favoured creeks in the Alps, which would endanger this classic Bavarian white water run. The river is mostly rated as class II with some spots of class III-IV.
Those power stations would not just endanger the river but also the wildlife habitat and many plants. And for what, just a really small power gain which does not justify any of the drawbacks.
If you have ever run this classic river or want to run it in the future please help to stop the destruction of it. In order to do so, just print out the pdf of the “Ammer Alliance”, take it to your local club and sign the petition with as much people as you can. And maybe the Free State of Bavaria can be convinced of the stupidity of the idea to build the power plants.

As the pdf is in German I give you the meanings of the data fields in the order of appearance:
Last Name; Street & Housenumber; Email-Address; [checkbox for further information]
First Name; Postcode & City; Signature

Download the PDF for the petition here: petition

After you have signed it please send it back to the following address:
c/o LBV
Klenzestr. 37
80469 München

or fax it to this number:
+49 – (0)89 - 200 270 88

Last but not least something enjoyable. Just before the first snow arrived in Munich we had a last weekend in Kuchl and I could for the first time try my new dryjacket “Assault” from Nookie. Man, I was so stoked, an awesome jacket. Very good fit, splendid material and workmanship. Not to forget the guaranteed Nookie style factor ;-)
And unbelievable, Kuchl is the perfect example for a friendly coexistence of paddlers and river-surfers. Everybody waits in line until it is their turn. C
heck it out below:

Pan-Am with surfer waiting in the background for his tow-in

Chowing down a deserved Powerbar after a long session

all pics by Maria Stelzig

Happy Paddling!

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