Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Die krasseste Welle "La Malate" was back!

This time it was their turn and I love the Strohmeier-Bros for giving me a call! "The Doubs is up and probably on Saturday La Scie will be in and on Sunday La Malat..."
Therefore we packed the car and headed for La Scie. Unexpectedly the level for La Scie was already too low when we got there in the morning but knowingly that this would mean La Malate would soon be in, we continued our way downstream. And after approx. 40 km we reached the wave which was still too high, which means too flat. So we chilled and after a couple of ours the perfect wave was in. As well as the Swiss friends Simon, Luc, Flo, some Dutchies, and Marco from Freiburg. As well the legendary two parts of the 3 French Riders, Stephane aka Daron and Romain.
All in all, we had a blast of a time and will be back for the next La Malate session, period!

The hole was big as usual ;-)

On Sunday the waterlevel has dropped and I had my premiere at LaMalate with entering the wave via the eddy and through the hole. And as another friend would say "Easy"! At lower levels the wave is not so high and steep anymore but on the other hand you got nice eadyservice.
I also tried the big Astro 58 of Arnd for the first time and I really liked its fastness on the wave. But nevertheless it is too big for me (173 cm, 67kg) and I prefer the Astro 54.

all pictures by Marco Schlink

picture by Simon Hirter

for a short video check this out: Big Wave Hunting