Friday, 20 June 2008

Nemesis test in the Washing Machine (Eiskanal)

Well, I just have to agree with David Arnaud, the Fluid Nemesis loops like hell. I just had my first session in Augsburg at the washing machine, the spot where one of the three world cups will be held this year. What is really outstanding is that besides standard loops the boat goes really well with phoenix monkeys and McNasties. To cut the story short, here some pics from the loop-festival (and yeah I think a loop is the most photogenic move in a hole ;-) :

All pics by Maria Stelzig

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Testival at the Whitewater-Course L'Espace Eau Vive (France)

On our way home from two weeks of paddling in Lyon we stopped at the Whitewater Course L'Espace Eau Vive on the Isle de la Serre ( next to the village of Sault Brenaz for one day of paddling.
We were invited there by Jean Francois Fevre (aka Jeff), the French rep for Fluid, who had organized a public testival of the whole Fluid range of boats. It was also really nice to meet two of the French Fluid Team paddlers and friends, David Arnaud and Mat Coldebella.
The course is man-made but really beautiful as it looks like a natural river, no conrete-walls like in Augsburg. They also got a nice playhole where one can do all hole moves, not as big as the Washingmachine in Augsburg but easier to control. Just watch out while doing loops as it is quite shallow. Besides the course is ideal for beginners as there a a lot of big nice eddies. My girlfriend just learned the eskimo-roll in Lyon and was able to paddle down the whole course. No swim, one roll and a lot of adrenalin!
Here some pics of the whitewater course and testival:

Paddlers watching at the top hole

The main hole at the course

The smaller hole/wave after the main hole

Nice shute

All pics by Maria Stelzig