Monday, 26 July 2010

Help save the Reichenbach-Wave in Munich (Germany)

During the kayak freestyle world cup tour this summer the Reichenbach-Wave was already working and showed its potential. Paddlers like James Bebbington aka Pringle stated that it was one of the best waves they`ve ever surfed. The last weekend we had the pleasure again to surf it as the water was high enough. Many surfers and paddlers shared the wave and the bridge was packed with spectators the whole day. Now that the Eisbach-Wave is saved, we got the next destruction of one of the best inner-city-waves worldwide approaching. The city plans to destroy this awesome Reichenbach-Wave this autumn as they alread have renaturated most of the river-banks which where channeled before. I.e. the river got more wide and the features changed totally or rather mostly disappeared. And exactly this widening is planned for this autumn for the area around the Reichenbach-Wave. Generally we also support the renaturation, but we would prefer it, if it would be done with the consideration of the sport culture and tourist attraction element for the inhabitants and visitors of Munich. Therefore when the work at the ground sill is done it should be tried to preserve the wave or rather change the sill so the wave could run the whole year and not just when the river is flooded. As exactly the renaturation would be the perfect time to do this with a minimal effort. Please help to prevent this and sign this online-petition! Forward this link to your friends and everybody you know!

Sign the online-petiton here: Save the Reichenbach-Wave

Here some impressions from the past weekend:

all pics by Maria Stelzig