Thursday, 28 June 2007

back to the roots: i.e. plug hole on the eisbach

As mentioned in an earlier post the isar renaturation has destroyed all our playspots on the isar for most waterlevels. Besides that the summer temperature has awakened all the surfers in Munich as well and they are queuing up on the shore of the eisbach wave in huge numbers. After at least two known physical attacks on paddlers it is time to retreat to safer waters.
Which means, plug hole we are back! (not too easy after months of wave paddling in preparation for the worlds... but anyway a lot of fun)
Here some impressions from two of my first sessions there this year. It´s is not too often that you´re in a "real" spotlight as a paddler like at the first session ;-)

I like the spray:pictures by Simon Strohmeier

Luckily we´re not swimming there:

Well I still prefer waves, but holes got more fun again with all those new moves and especially combos which made me even smile a bit.

pictures by Ralf Schaberg

Monday, 11 June 2007

Big Wave Surfing in Munich: R.I.P.

What a sad day. On Wednesday the 30th of May 2007 the Isar river had 2.10 m but where once was the famous Wittelsbacher Wave in Munich, one of the best waves in the Alps, there was just nothing!

How is that possible? Well, the city is renaturating the whole riverbanks of the Isar in Munich. And although they haven’t yet reached the wave, the work upstream was already enough to “destroy” the wave.
Either the flow and pressure is different or there has been a major shift of gravel d
ownstream into the wave. Whatever it is, it is sad very sad! Especially as the efforts of Markus Gruber who wanted to preserve a wave in Munich via building Tube6 (, an artificial wave in the Isar, where blocked so far from the city and official departments.
Below you can see the fabulous past and the fuc…. status quo:

I like:Photo: Nico Langner

I get sick:

Photo: Seppi Strohmeier

No words:Photo: Simon Strohmeier