Saturday, 6 March 2010

Worthy European season opening in La Malate and Lyon

Oh yeah baby, last weekend it was the first time when we started our big wave hunt in 2010. During the week the French rivers Rhone and Doubs where going up and it was just the question if the level would hold until the weekend. We took the gamble, hit the road and got lucky. The level was enough. Not the best level it can be but still sweet, especially after the whole construction work which was done most of last year just above the wave to build a bridge across the river. Which is now finished and thank god didn´t destroy the wave! La Malate had around 375 cubics and the level in Lyon was between 0,9 - 0,7 m. So first we drove to La Malate and paddeled there on saturday. Then continued to Lyon where we met Seppi and Sarah and paddeled Sunday and Monday. After three days of big waves it was time to drive home again. Check some impressions of the weekend below.

La Malate (Doubs, Besançon):

The one and only La Malate wave with the attached humongous hole

I also took the Element for a few speed turns, man it is fast

All pics by Maria Stelzig

And I couldn´t believe it, the firemen from Besancon parked their firetruck besides the wave, cheered me on and had an awesome time watching. What a difference to the firemen in Munich who normally threaten you off the wave.

Hawai Sur Rhone (Lyon):

Maria throwing her first Air Blunt in Lyon

Seppi going for the pistol

Some lifestyle impressions:

Believe me, we had some wind

Pics by Maria Stelzig, Sarah Hangartner, Jean-Pierre Benacchio and Seppi Strohmeier

Power on!