Friday, 5 September 2008

Dutch Champs Freestyle/BoaterX & Best of Thun pics

Just got an Email from my bro Casper van Kalmthout and he told me that the shit is going down soon in the Netherlands. Here his short intro, a letter from the organizer and at the bottom my best of Thun pics.

"Read the txt below! It is going to be the biggest kayak event in Dutch history :) a perfect opportunity to visit the Netherlands for once to go kayaking!!"

Hi paddlers!

We’re organizing the Dutch Championships Freestyle, Slalom, DownRiver and BoaterX at our whitewater course Dutch Water Dreams.

This event will be on 19, 20 and 21th of September, @ Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.

For Freestyle, DownRiver and BoaterX it’s an OPEN Dutch Championship.

Dutchies can subscribe at:
Subscribe here

International paddlers can subscribe at:
Subscribe here

You can find the program here(it’s Dutch):

You can stay and sleep at our area. There will also be a big party with DJ MAC FLY (David Arnaud).

So, hopefully we see your subscription @ WWW.KAJAKFESTIVAL.NL.

Friendly regards,
Paul v Boerdonk

Best of my Thun pics:

Nick Troutman backstabbing

Peter Csonka cleaning it up

Simon Strohmeier lands the backstab

Mat Dumoulin cleaning it up

Nick Troutman going for the airscrew

Markus Hummel C1 style

Dustin Urban in mid Helix

What would be Thun without a busy eddy? ;-)

Flying high again, guess who, Jason Craig

Emily Jackson at the backblunt

Ruth Gordon throwing down a backblunt

Stephen Wright going huge: air loop deluxe

Nouria Newman at the big air contest: who needs a paddle?

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