Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Short Wrap-up of 06 - start 07 in Galicia…

... and again one more first timer in 2006. My premiere with paddling in Galicia between Christmas and NewYears. And what can I say, it really is worth it! Besides this year the winter was lousy at home, which meant very little snow on the slopes and even less snow backcountry. Therefore the decision between no powder runs at home and getting frustrated with the weather or driving south towards Spain and Portugal was easy. Altough the signs were not in favour of the trip. It all stated out well as the big plan in autuum. Around 15-20 paddlers claimed their interrest and goal of spending the dawn of the new year in Galicia. But in the end all bailed out and the trip was cancelled. Girlfriends to take care of, family gatherings, probably too low water... you name it... ;-)
So what happened? Nils Heine from Hamburg gave me a call and said Sebi Gründler and himself would be up to go for the Galicia-Trip nonetheless. OK, sweet and when would that be? Be spontanious, this evening! Nils jumped in the train and after the 8 hour trip to Munich we met, packed up Sebis car and hit the road. Taking turns driving and stopping only to get some gas we arrived thirty something hours later. Put up the tent slept a few ours and got on the first river the next morning... In the next 8 days we "hucked" the following rivers and I found a new river to ad to my favourite list: The Almofrei! Technical hard but fair and really continuous... simply awesome...

Here some impressions and of course we had to check out the waterlevel first ;-)

pictures by Nils Heine

pictures by Sebastian Gründler

Yes, the drive was long, but so worth it! Thanks guys for the splendid trip. And I´ll definitely go there again...

picture by Nils Heine

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