Thursday, 15 March 2007

Short Wrap-up of 2006…

…so what happened in 2006 kayaking wise from my perspective?

I had my competitive freestyle comeback ;-) After a few years of absence on the competition scene due to finishing my university studies and getting settled down in ordinary working life, I put up all my courage and entered the Eurocup-Final in Thun Switzerland. As Thun has always been a great wave comp we were all expecting to get some big air time. Well, it turned out to be not quite as good as the years before as the water level of the lake upstream was lower than normal which produced a less steep and less retentive wave. Still big moves could be pulled but most times resulted in a flush. Therefore the maxima for the comp were not to risk everything and stay in the wave.

picture by Seppi Strohmeier

Some said it was a wave for the old stagers ;-) Well, I got lucky and in the end after a once again nerve-racking head to head placed second after Casper Van Kalmthout from the Netherlands and in front of Nico Langner from Germany.

picture by Seppi Strohmeier

Still Thun has provided once more one of the best loser parties and a great event. Thanks to Simon Hirter and his crew!
Hope to see you all in Thun at the Kayak Freestyle Worlds in 2009!

picture by Ralf Schaberg

After that I also entered the qualifications for the German Team for the Kayak Freestyle Worlds in 2007 in Canada. The famous Buseater Wave on the Ottawa (which will be the place of the worlds) being the main motivator for trying to make the team. The qualification was held at the Kuchl wave in Austria and we had some nice sessions there as you can see. The Riot Astro really takes off well, is fast and has a good grip for grabs ;-)

pictures by Ralf Schaberg

And what should I say I also got lucky and made the team. Buseater watch out we’re coming! ;o)

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