Thursday, 8 October 2009

Kuchl Season Opening with a Test of the Fluid Element

Fluid Element = Extreme Speed = Extreme Fun!
Last weekend we started our autumn Kuchl-season and we had perfect weather for three days.
I also had my first goes in the Fluid Element. It is such a fast boat, unbelievable. The perfect choice for Kuchl if the level is too high and the wave is green, i.e. too flushy for "normal" playboats. Therefore in my opinion not just an ocean kayak but the right boat if your regular freestyle boat is too slow for a river-wave. I never had so much fun carving a wave and the sidekicks and flipturns were so dynamic that I was superstoked and couldn´t get the grin out of my face.


Maori playing with his miniature kayaker

Spray bigtime

Toby going fot the tow-in on the surf-board

Another Sidekick

All pics by Maria Stelzig

Cu on the river,

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