Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Surfing Hawaii, Haring and Quenelles in Lyon

One week ago I came back from 10 days of surfing Hawaii Sur Rhone in Lyon. We went their to get my new playboat Fluid Nemesis in order to test it to the fullest on the wave and my new creeker Fluid Solo. We had medium/low levels but all moves were possible and anyway the spot was better than anything running at home. Besides we visited friends (had some local food like Quenelles, make sure you try it! Thanks to Romain and Kaki!), made some sightseeing in the old city of Lyon, did some sit-on-top paddling and visited the museum. If you´ll pass through Lyon in June, make sure to check out the Keith Haring exhibition (, which is running until the 29th of June.
My first impressions of the Nemesis on a wave in short:
The boat is really forgiving, easy to handle, very bouncy but still fast. The edges release really easily, so helixes etc. go smoothly.
So here all the pics from the trip, enjoy:

Outfitting, a matter which you should always devote enough time to in order to be able to control the boat to the fullest


Pistol-Flip part 1

Pistol-Flip part 2

Backstabbing once more

To relax the worn out muscles from the wave-action Jeff, the french rep for Fluid, took us on a river trip with the Fluid sit-on-tops, Chumani (single) and Synergy (double). It was my premiere with sit-ons and a lot of fun, especially with the awesome scenery on the Saône, the Lyon city buildings and the magnificent weather:

Jeff the chef himself

The Keith Haring exhibition (

Quite original Asian food eatery at Lac de Miribell
Thanks to Jeff, Miriam and Alice for their local support and hospitality!

Thanks to Maria for all the pics!

PS: Even fishermen are using the fanciest watercraft nowadays ;-)

All pics by Maria Stelzig

Last but not Least Maria learnt the Eskimo-Roll and afterwards went straight for a paddle through Hawaii Sur Rhone in the middle of the river. Respect!

Finally one picture by Markus Leppänen ;-)

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Colorado River Surfing Assocation llc said...

Nice Boat! and nice surfing that wave looks awesomely powerful!much respect.