Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easterweekend in Lyon - Hawaii sur Rhone in Dutch and German grip

What should we do over the easterweekend when "all" French paddlers are on Corsica? We thought let´s see, maybe Lyon is because of that not too crowded. And you won´t believe it, during four days of paddling we just met one frenchmen, fellow Nookie-team-member Leo Carpene of the DK-Boys who was travelling with Dutchy Casper van Kalmthout. Leo was checking out his new GoPro camera and even made an interesting wooden pole-construction to film himself on the wave (check out pics of the construction in action below). All in all the wave was clear in German and Dutch grip over the Easter weekend as a few more Dutch paddlers arrived and most of the Kanu Freestyle Team Baden invaded Hawaii Sur Rhone. Check out the best pics of the weekend below:

Maria throwing a massive air-blunt

Big Cheeks

Maria airborne

Leo and Casper having fun

Daniel Riedmüller going for the donkey

Sandrina Hornhardt doing an air-blunt

Philipp Hitzigrath having fun

Thanks to the photographers:
Maria Stelzig, Jean-Pierre Benacchio and Eric Bui


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