Sunday, 21 June 2009

First goes at the Wave Monkey in a hole ;-)

A few weeks ago I saw the new move for the first time in a short vidoe-clip by Steven Wright. Funnily nearly the next day I passed through Augsburg and met Daniel Krummreich, a fellow Fluid paddler, for a session in the washing-machine and he went for the move, so I had to as well ;-) Never thought that I would first try that wave-move in a hole, but you can practice it there or say at least the basics of it. In a hole you go up the incoming green and go for the "blunt" but instead of the blunt you throw the initiation of the Phoenics Monkey into the green and there you go. Be careful as the move can be much harder on the body than doing it in the foam of a hole. Check it out if you can spot the efforts:

power on & have fun on the river!

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