Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Save the Malate-Wave in France!

Hi Friends,

I just got an eMail from my friend Stephane Pion out of France with the disturbing news that the awesome la malate wave is in danger.
Therefore please have a look at his letter (below) and support the cause in every way you can.

Here the official letter to print out in English:
English Version

Here the French Version:
French Version


Please help us defend the wave of "la Malate".

For the last years, a lot of kayakers (slalom paddlers and freestylers) have been paddling on this wave, probably one of the biggest in the world (I believe so ! J)

But now, this spot is threatened by a micropower station project which will destroy the wave !!

That's why I ask for your help by sending the letter attached to this email to the city hall of Besancon in order to have an international support with a maximum of letters against this project ASAP.

We have an association and a web site:

Sorry but for the moment it's in French only. ( you can translate the web site with google of course)

Please send this email to all the Presidents of the kayak club you know, all the professional kayakers and to the different forums in the world.

We need your help !!

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards

Stephane pion

ps: happy new year my friends ;)

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Anonymous said...

j'ai envoye une lettre. bonne chance. Il n'y a pas d'eau ici a Londres!!!!