Saturday, 22 September 2007

Save the wave - sign up now!

Two Munich Newspapers announced on the 15.09.07 that the city is planning to shut down the Munich Eisbach Wave. This wave is an artificial wave in downtown Munich, which has been there since the seventies. And has brought much delight to surfers and kayakers for decades. As well as to Tourists who stop by in huge numbers.

Although I got issues with around 30% of the board surfers at the Eisbach it is worth supporting the rest 70% of them who are cool and easy going guys and girls. Besides it would be a pity to loose that splendid small wave. As it is always good for a late night surf, when the 30% mentioned above are not around.

Therefore I appeal to all of you to go to that website below and put down your names in that online collection of signatures in order to try to prevent that disaster:

Signature collection:

PS: maybe good to include something about kayaking in the "Profession" field [e.g. Manager (passionate kayaker)]. Just to make a statement: Surfers and Kayakers can/should work and have fun together!

Thanks a lot!


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Billy said...

HEll Yes that wave is awsome. I got to surf it about a year or so ago wheen i was touring europe. I wanted to go on tour there again and do another late night session like before. I hope you have some luck saving it.
It is internationaly known.

Billy Harris